Department of Health Reminds the Public of Best Practices to Avoid COVID-19 as Active Case Numbers Rise

U.S. Virgin Islands — Commissioner of Health Justa E. Encarnacion is grateful to the Virgin Islands Community for their continued attention during COVID-19 and urges everyone to remain vigilant as active cases are rising throughout the Territory. Though increases in numbers is expected based on national trends, Commissioner Encarnacion wishes to reinforce the importance of the critical messages and overarching requirements provided to the public during the pandemic.

Since the initial outbreak of COVID-19, the V.I. Department of Health (VIDOH) and Governor Bryan’s COVID-19 Taskforce worked to slow the spread of the disease by encouraging the public to become fully vaccinated and boosted, asking the public to practice the protective guidelines shown to successfully reduce transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19.

“As our numbers are rising,” states Commissioner Encarnacion, “I urge residents and visitors to once again follow the precautionary measures by practicing social distancing around persons with whom you do not reside, wearing a mask in crowded public areas, washing your hands often with soap and warm water, and by cleaning frequently used areas thoroughly.” Remember, wearing a mask is not mandatory, but it can keep you safe if you are unsure of your environment.

Virgin Islanders are also reminded it is especially important to get vaccinated now as the monoclonal antibody is NO LONGER authorized for use due to its lack of efficacy in the treatment of the newest variants. The bivalent vaccines remain the best way to prevent severe disease and hospitalization.