Vaccine Phases


Healthcare Workers

EMS Workers

End Stage Renal Disease Patients

Long-term Care Facility Staff and Residents

Adults 65 and Older


University of the VI Staff and Students

Ages 16 to 64 with recognized comorbidities

Persons 65 and older  

Restaurant Workers

Grocery Store Workers

Hotel and Casino Staff           

Bank tellers and support staff

Virgin Islands Police Department (All staff)              

Water & Power Authority     

Bureau of Corrections           

Virgin Islands National Guard

Virgin Islands Fire Service                  

Government House - Enforcement   

Department of Education (private and parochial schools included)


DLCA - (All Staff)                    

Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs  - Enforcement                  

Department of Justice           

DPNR - (All Staff)                    

Department of Planning and Natural Resources - Enforcement                              

Department of Human Services - (All staff with priority to - Field Workers, Case Workers, Home   Care Worker)


Department of Public Works – VITRAN drivers                        

Caribbean Kidney Center (Staff and Patients)

Virgin Islands Courts              

Port Authority               

United States Postal Service  

Taxi Associations                      

US Customs and Border Protection   

Bureau Motor Vehicles                         

Transportation Security Administration        

Department of Tourism                        

Veterans Affairs Clinic Staff   

Department of Sports, Parks and Recreation (and other private/non-profit sports entities)

United States Courts  

Legislature of the Virgin Islands (Enforcement)                        



Age 65 and older

Retail personnel

Federal agency employees (Enforcement)

Election Systems of the Virgin Islands           

Department of Agriculture                            

Department of Labor               



West Indian Company (WICO)                                   

Virgin Islands Housing Authority                        

National Park Service

American Red Cross      

Office of the Territorial Public Defender       


Age 65 and older

Economic Development Authority

Public Service Commission

Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority


Property & Procurement

Office of the Governor                      

Government Employees Retirement System

Office of the Lt. Governor                 

Department of Personnel      

Delegate to Congress             

Bureau of Internal Revenue

Office of Collective Bargaining                      

Bureau of Information Technology                           

Office Disaster Recovery                               

Virgin Islands Energy Office   

Virgin Islands Lottery             

Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority

Dept Public Works                             

Department of Finance                     

Office Inspector General       

VI Housing Financing Authority                     

Law Enforcement Planning Commission       

Office Management & Budget